Turn-key Softswitch

Cloud-based softswitch solutions for telecom service providers looking for turn-key options.

Hosted IP-PBX

Provides powerful applications and intuitive user interfaces that reduce costs and increase mobility. Learn More

SIP-Based Softphone

SIP-based Cloud550 Softphone to easily work with iPhone, iPod touch and Android mobile devices, as well as tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Learn More

Calling Cards

Calling Card and Pinless for your customers and resellers. Learn More

Integrated Portals

Multiple portals are available for e-Commerce, Point-of-Sale, POS Distributor and End Users. Learn More

Convergent Billing

Our billing platform offers the most comprehensive and flexible solution available.

Call Rating

Unlimited capacity for call rating and the number of call rating tables you can have or use. Learn More

Switch Compatibility

Our billing solution is compatible with any switch that provides CDR (call detail records) data. Learn More

Payment Processing

Accomplished in a single or batch entry form, accounts are automatically reconciled and ready for next billing. Learn More

Accounts Receivable

CIRRUS Billing provides the ability to record payments, credits, debits, maintain ongoing balances and bill accounts. Learn More

Platform Features

Comprehensive and affordable solutions for your telecommunications business.

Class 4 & Class 5

A complete range of telephony features from 3-way calling and auto attendant to call forwarding and more. Learn More

Prepaid Services

Our platform provides provisions for rating/tariffs, recharging, security, account maintenance and more. Learn More

Support Tier 1, 2 and 3 Carriers

Solutons for multiple variations of routing with least cost by carrier and conferencing solutions. Learn More

Wholesale Services

Long distance service for domestic and international termination with support for DID and toll free. Learn More