Hosted Softswitch for Service Providers

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Cirrus Hosted Softswitch

CIRRUS Hosted Softswitch is the perfect outsourced solution.

If you're not ready to take on the operational aspects of VoIP delivery, PhoenixSoft offers a perfect outsourced solution for your business.

Service providers and carriers can now add a softswitch product suite to their portfolios – very cost-effectively. PhoenixSoft's hosted wholesale service integrates easily into existing operational and back office systems.

PhoenixSoft designed a hosted option for its CIRRUS Softswitch to streamline IP-enabling networks for service providers. In addition to 24/7 support and tailored applications, our hosted solution includes a complete range of telephony features, a nation-wide footprint, FCC-compliant e911 and training. Plus, we address management issues, such as power requirements, Internet backbone and connectivity to major U.S. colocation facilities.

PhoenixSoft's CIRRUS Softswitch enables Class 4 and 5 features and applications, such as prepaid calling card services, PINless dialing, wholesale routing, voice mail, and online payment processing. It also supports customizable billing solutions for call rating, provisioning, customer care and accounts receivables.

By outsourcing softswitch services to PhoenixSoft, carriers can grow their communications business. Whether you want to add new customers, generate incremental revenue from existing customers or improve customer retention, PhoenixSoft's hosted wholesale service can help you achieve your goals.

PhoenixSoft's hosted service provides meaningful business benefits, such as:

Incremental Revenue Generation

Service Providers can exploit new market opportunities, increase average revenue per user, and improve retention with attractive margins on products that fit your business model.

Accelerated Time-to-Market

PhoenixSoft's proven processes create a fast time-to-market. Our hands-on approach and reliable technology offer you a low-risk proposition.

Access to Competitive A-Z Rate Decks

Our managed wholesale solution allows you to avoid capital outlays and reduce operating expense. You’re able to quickly and easily implement a scalable softswitch solution.

Management of Business Capital and Expense

Smaller providers can leverage the buying power of PhoenixSoft’s large volume purchases.

Access to an Experienced, Reliable Team

With our first-rate customer support, you can access a depth of experience in telecom and VoIP technologies. PhoenixSoft brings its 20-year track record and extensive telephony expertise to each customer’s application.

CIRRUS Softswitch Hosted Cloud-Based Features

One number rings all your phones. You’ll never miss another call…unless you want to.

All your messages are in one place and you no longer have to call multiple voicemail numbers. You can call for voicemails and/or convert them to email and automatically place them in your Visual Voicemail inbox. You can save messages for life, forward, prioritize or search for them with ease.

This amazing little toolbar fully integrates with Internet Explorer® and Outlook® to easily turn on and off advanced calling features. Click-to-call, view detailed call logs, transfer calls to voicemail, conference up to 14 participants and much more, all by clicking an icon on the CloudConnect Toolbar.

Imagine no more waiting on a conference deck. 3-way call is so easy and you can add up to 14 phone conference attendees "on-the-fly."

The intercom for the 21st Century! This is the perfect tool for immediate communication for quick conversations between an executive and assistant or between co-workers collaborating on a project.

You control what happens when someone calls you. You can send all your calls directly to voicemail or select the numbers you wish to hear from at certain times of the day. Maybe you want to play golf uninterrupted but want a special person to be able to get through. A few clicks on your web portal and you’re ready to go.

The phone company has been telling us for years that we should listen to "ring-ring" while we wait for someone to pick up. Why not play a favorite song or a marketing message instead? Let friends hear one thing and business associates something else.

Because you can read faster than you can listen! Utilizes cutting edge voice recognition technology to convert your voicemail messages into text.

Receive your faxes right into your email inbox, no phone line, no fax machine, no paper and no ink cartridges. The ultimate mobile solution.

Makes returning voice mail calls, calling numbers on a web page or contacts in Outlook simple. From any screen on your computer, just highlight the number and click. CloudConnect does the rest!

Allows you to have continuous communication even in a disaster. Your calls can be re-directed to another location. If a customer calls your office line the call is automatically re-routed by CloudConnect to another line that is not affected by the disaster. You’ll never miss a call!

This A-class IP Attendant Console is simple to use for receptionists or attendants who screen inbound calls for enterprises. This feature accurately delivers messages via a one-step process when people are unavailable. The intuitive design follows natural workflow of a call from the top of the screen.

Change phones in the middle of a call; just press the star button. Your caller won’t hear the switch. You can also transfer a call to your cell phone or move the call from your cell to a landline. If you are having issues with your cell signal, switch to a landline by hitting the star button.

Make international calls from your cell phone for a fraction of the cost. Instead of making direct calls through your mobile carrier, make a local call through the CloudConnect portal. You pay pennies per minute instead of dollars.

Turns your cell phone, home phone, or even hotel phone into your office phone. Any call you make from that phone is billed to your office. The caller ID shown is your office number. And all calls are directed to your remote phone, whether you are across town or across the ocean!

Know the name of who is calling before you accept the call through a pop up in the lower corner of your screen. If you decide not to pick up, you can route the call to voicemail, and even block unwanted callers so they don’t call again.

Improve sales and protect your business with our hosted call recording. No proprietary playback requirements–uses standard MP3 files. Records "in the cloud" giving mobile workers the same capability as your office team.

Web-Based Portals:

Along with a full slate of functions, the Cirrus Softswitch includes meaningful applications that are also fully integrated within the platform. PhoenixSoft developed several cost management and end user portals to enhance service provider operations.

Working seamlessly with the Cirrus Softswitch platform, these portals include:

e-Commerce Portal - This application features on-line ordering and payment processing, customizable screens, unlimited automated capabilities and password-protected customer sites.

POS Distributor Portal - PhoenixSoft developed the POS Distributor Portal for distributors to manage sub-distributors and retail stores.

Point-of-Sale Portal - This portal allows retail stores to sell pinless prepaid products to end users. The web-based portal is simple to setup, brand, distribute, manage and sell pinless prepaid accounts at the retail level. You’ll be able to quickly offer new prepaid products without having to invest in expensive infrastructure.

End-User Portals for Class 4 & 5 Services - PhoenixSoft developed the Class 5 End-User Portal so people could fully leverage the functionality of the desktop SIP telephone. The End-User Portal works to streamline prepaid calling, long distance calls and other with Class 4 functions.