Billing Platform & Customer Care

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CIRRUS Billing

CIRRUS Billing & Customer Care Solution.

PhoenixSoft's Convergent Billing and Customer Care application offers the most comprehensive and flexible solution available today in the telecommunication industry, regardless of price.

The modules include call rating and tariffing, customer care, provisioning, accounts receivable and work order/trouble ticket processing. In addition, the application exports data to general ledgers and financial packages.

Several key elements separate PhoenixSoft’s billing application from today’s competitors:

  • e-Commerce Portal - Provides call pricing, customer data, accounts receivable and billing all in one package.

  • POS Distributor Portal - Offers a call rating solution application to a full spectrum of customers.

  • Point-of-Sale Portal - Covers a wide range of users, including CLECs, ISPs, LECs, long distance companies, and other providers of incremental services who want to generate and collect revenues.

Cirrus Billing Interface

Hardware Architecture

The billing solution runs on hardware that utilizes industry standard, industrial grade network servers. This allows for any advances in hardware to be seamlessly integrated into new and existing systems (hot swappable power supplies and hard drives, RAID mirroring, dual CPU boards, etc.).

Switch Compatibility

The billing software is compatible with any switch that provides CDR (call record detail) data, whether owned and operated by you, your LEC, long distance provider, or any other provider. In the event that unique integration is required, we will write and provide a complete interface to suit individual needs.