Softswitch Solution for Service Providers

Award-Winning, Next-Generation Switching Solutions for Service Providers.

Cirrus Softswitch

CIRRUS Softswitch is the robust & integrated platform choice.

PhoenixSoft developed the CIRRUS Softswitch for service providers to integrate low-cost, feature-rich IP applications in a variety of network configurations.

The platform provides robust feature sets, advanced applications and carrier-grade reliability. As a next-generation communications platform for converged networks, the CIRRUS Softswitch offers:

CIRRUS Softswitch
  • A single, integrated switching solution for tier one, two and three carriers
  • Cloud-based solutions for commercial IP-PBX and residential subscribers
  • SIP-based softphones to easily work with iPhone, iPod touch and Android mobile devices, as well as tablets, laptops and desktop computers
  • Prepaid and PINless calling card platforms with powerful rating, routing, reporting and call flow scripting engines
  • White label, distributor, retail, end user and e-commerce portals to effortlessly setup, brand, distribute, manage, sell and buy PINless prepaid products
  • No surcharge for using your own carriers or using your own e-commerce Portals
  • Multi-tiered support for distributors and agents
  • Advanced LCR with automated rate table updates
  • Partitioned access for resellers/agents
  • Competitive A-Z rates
  • Full scalability - from small, affordable applications to heavy traffic environments
With the flexibility to work within any Legacy, TDM or VoIP environment, the CIRRUS Softswitch IP-enables an existing TDM network and/or works in harmony with an existing network softswitch to add advanced functionality. CIRRUS creates simpler, more efficient network architectures and allows any network SIP device to access the platform's enhanced features.

Plus, the CIRRUS Softswitch allows you to preserve your investments in existing network technologies while enhancing network capability.

PhoenixSoft has integrated best-of-breed IP Transcoding and Session Border Controller functionality within the CIRRUS Softswitch. This integrated capability philosophy simplifies carrier networks and provides one vendor point of contact.

CIRRUS Softswitch Features

  • 3-Way Calling
  • Call Block
  • Call Hold
  • Call Return
  • Call Waiting
  • Hunting
  • Repeat Dialing
  • SIP Softphone
  • Voice Mail
  • Multiple Line Appearance
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Forwarding
  • Caller I.D.
  • Follow-Me Service
  • Personal 800
  • Ring Groups
  • Virtual Number
  • Voice Mail to E-Mail
  • Plus Much More...
  • Flexible rating and tariffing
  • Provides for four (4) rating increments, multiplebong charges and maintenance fees per call
  • Use charges
  • Real-time call rating
  • A-Leg/B-Leg rating
  • Cost/wholesale/retail rating
Account Maintenance
  • Automatic voice message notification of balance during call with low balance warning
  • Master Accounts permit multiple users to draw pre-paid balances off a single master account
  • Supports multiple language prompts
Recharge Interface Options
  • Real-time
  • Credit card recharge
  • Recharge vouchers
  • Scratch cards/point of sale recharge
  • Customer care recharge
  • Cash top ups
  • Short number access for recharge
  • Siphon balance from new PIN
  • Unlimited partitions for each distributor
  • Unique user name/passwords
  • Menus customized for each user
  • Rate decks, routes and carriers for each distributor
  • Reports of profitability and usage
  • Real time monitoring of traffic
  • Max.calls per day/week/month
  • PIN number access option and auto lockout for bad PIN
  • Call screening, called number restrictions and simultaneous access blocking
  • Maximum call length
  • ANI blocking
Customer Care
  • Web administration
  • Internal routing to CSR
  • Interface to payment mechanisms
  • One number/follow-me calling
  • International callback, DID, web trigger, SMS trigger
  • 800 Redirect
  • Domestic and international termination
  • DID and toll free services
  • Quality routes, competitive A-Z rates
  • 24/7 or flexible hours
  • Multiple languages
  • Cost effective, quality services
  • Cloud-based IP-PBX
  • Convergent billing
  • White label, web-based portals
    • e-Commerce Portal
    • Point-of-Sale Portal
    • POS Distributor Portal
    • Customer Service Portal
  • IP transcoding
  • Session Border Controller

The Cirrus conferencing solution can work with a few participants or hundreds of attendees. It provides an easy-to-use, fully-integrated conferencing tool that can be initiated from the user’s phone, desktop toolbar or web portal. Conference leaders can manage the meetings through a web-based management portal.

A single platform eliminates the need for businesses to use a third-party conferencing service. With simplified controls, Cirrus conferencing provides a unified, browser-based interface for managing every conference call. And users can initiate a conference on demand from their phones or desktop. No bridge numbers or PINs needed.

  • Single platform
  • On-demand instant conferencing
  • Unified, browser-based interface
  • Supports a few or hundreds of participants
  • Phone, desktop or web portal management
  • No bridge numbers or PINs required
  • Least cost by carrier cost
  • Priority override controlled by the user
  • Percentage based routing by dial code
  • Time of day routing
  • Blocking by dial code or carrier
  • Stop route advance if cost exceeds retail
  • Real-time Quality of Service monitoring
    • by carrier
    • Average conversation length
    • NER - Network Effectiveness Ratio
    • ASR - Answer / Seizure Ratio
    • Summary by cause code
  • Real-time ASR monitoring
    • By carrier
    • By destination
  • SNMP module for monitoring of all system activity
    • Computer server: temperature, hard drive space, memory usage, power status
    • Application: monitoring of carrier logs, call processing logs and inter-process communications

Web-Based Portals:

Along with a full slate of functions, the Cirrus Softswitch includes meaningful applications that are also fully integrated within the platform. PhoenixSoft developed several cost management and end user portals to enhance service provider operations.

Working seamlessly with the Cirrus Softswitch platform, these portals include:

e-Commerce Portal - This application features on-line ordering and payment processing, customizable screens, unlimited automated capabilities and password-protected customer sites.

POS Distributor Portal - PhoenixSoft developed the POS Distributor Portal for distributors to manage sub-distributors and retail stores.

Point-of-Sale Portal - This portal allows retail stores to sell pinless prepaid products to end users. The web-based portal is simple to setup, brand, distribute, manage and sell pinless prepaid accounts at the retail level. You’ll be able to quickly offer new prepaid products without having to invest in expensive infrastructure.

End-User Portals for Class 4 & 5 Services - PhoenixSoft developed the Class 5 End-User Portal so people could fully leverage the functionality of the desktop SIP telephone. The End-User Portal works to streamline prepaid calling, long distance calls and other with Class 4 functions.